Dimensional control surveying from fabrication to installation support and creation of your digital twin from 3D laser scanning to point cloud modeling enabling clients to link all client asset data a full 3D interactive as-built twin, an essential tool for both pre and post commissioning


DPS provide a very cost effective and rapid solution for dimension control surveying, from fabrication to installation support and the creation of a fully 3D digital twin model.


Laser scan surveys are conducted for the purpose of performing retro-fits and upgrades to piping, processing plants, offshore facilities and vessels such as FPSOs.

CAD models generated by laser scan surveys allow piping engineers and designers to make necessary changes in a safe environment, with the knowledge that new parts will fit in the desired location on the initial installation.

Our solutions include:

  • Terrestrial and Drone surveying,

  • 3D laser scanning,

  • point cloud modeling to full 3D engineering modelling,

  • Safety Studies such egress and access modelling and high risk area visualisation and inspection

Survey &
Scaning Solutions

3D laser scanning will enhance engineering accuracy, shorten project schedules, and improve coordination between project teams and manufacturers

Olombendo FPSO Turret - Test 002.jpg