Technical Partners




A world leading predictive analytics company dedicated to ensuring that our client’s business is able to effectively harness artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to maximise the value of their assets.


specialists in aerial drone surveying, inspection and modelling of assets using high resolution imagery, photogrammetry and laser scanning.


A techncial leader in Vietnam, providing a variety of IT business solutions in Asset Management, Maintenance, Inventory Procurement Optimization, Data Standardization, Project Management, and Technical support service


Established in 1989, Antea’s highly flexible software provide class leading solutions for dynamic 3D visualisation of your asset. Linked with a validated legacy data base, these tools allow you to run safety processes, such as RBI and FMECA in 3D.

Representative Support
Pace Flow Assurance Circle.png

Pace Flow Assurance

Pace offers a complete suite of flow assurance services, from fluid testing and characterisation, through to late life operations support.