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Digital Twin Extended Reality





















DPS, through its cutting edge ecosystem partners in proud to introduce DTXR - the Digital Twin Extended Reality as our unique way to seamlessly link intelligent models and any asset related data. The Digital Twin XR (Extended Reality) combines the latest technologies for streaming 3D visualisation in a way that keeps versions updated in near-real time so strategic decision makers and tactical teams in the field or in the office, are all working with the latest up to date information.







At the heart of DTXR is bOS, the Bruce operating system, developed by Nextspace in New Zealand, a unique open ontology data system. bOS allows digital engineers to effortlessly import multiple data types into a single data schema, utilising existing data standards or creating a new bespoke data schema. This universal data platform incorporates geo-spatial and non-spatial information so that a simple digital twin can be created in minutes not months.

bOS enables us to:

  • Manage “things” and their critical attributes with data and documents. 

  • Manage the relationships between things and the many visual representations, LODs or resolutions.​

  • Dynamically connect or drag/drop data about things into time and space.

  • Store and create intelligent relationships between things.

  • Explore multiple different representations of a system depending on the requirement.

  • No more rigid CAD hierarchies locking in complex navigation requirements.​

  • Amalgamate, author and dynamically deliver visual data.  

  • Analyse, process and understand your business intelligence.

bOS has the ability to link to multiple visualisation formats for your model utilising Caesium, Epic Unreal and the Nvidia Omniverse allowing the most realistic renderings of the asset. 



















Taking Visualisation to the next level

Working with our partners, TWOMC Digital, DTXR now offers multiple options for looking at and interrogating your asset. During a Turnaround, Plant Modifications or Operations and Maintenance activities , there are a number of traditional bottlenecks such as:

  • Access to the Facility (Covid Pandemic, Overseas)

  • Speedy access to accurate information

  • Sharing of technical & non-technical information between Colleagues/Departments/Disciplines etc.. (Silos)

  • Reliance on 2D data that is difficult to explain & VISUALISE

  • Stakeholder communication

To solve these and other issues, DPS can provide both VR and AR solutions as well as a suite of Holographic options allowing clear communication between all working teams, stakeholders and management, whether onsite, in the office or remotely based. 


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