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3D Visualisation

DPS in proud to introduce 'Bruce' as our preferred platform for the visualisation of your digital twin. Whilst Bruce, developed by Nextspace in New Zealand, includes a web or server based visualisation tool it is primarily an open API platform for linking any data to a 3D model enabling you to connect almost any foreign data source or live data feed. 

















What does Bruce do?


Bruce is a single application that brings disparate data into one environment to simplify access, sharing and data integration between multiple internal and external users. It can:


  • Manage “things” and their critical attributes with data and documents. 

  • Manage the relationships between things and the many visual representations, LODs or resolutions.​

  • Dynamically connect or drag/drop data about things into time and space.

  • Store and create intelligent relationships between things.

  • Explore multiple different representations of a system depending on the requirement.

  • No more rigid CAD hierarchies locking in complex navigation requirements.​

  • Amalgamate, author and dynamically deliver visual data.  

  • Analyse, process and understand your business intelligence.

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