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Technical Ecosystem

DPS will provide an end to end solution to meet all of our clients potential needs, through an innovative technical ecosystem of world class service and software providers delivering a scalable, open source platform for building the digital twin. Our ecosystem creates a seamless integration between technologies that will ultimately lead to increased productivity, decreased risk and accelerated adoption of new technological developments as synergies between solutions are identified, exploited and refined.

Nextspace is a leading provider of 3D visual enterprise solutions based in California and New Zealand. DPS is working closely with Nextspace to continually enhance data visualisation.

To manage visual data and its associated critial plant information, Nextspace utilises Bruce, a cloud-based Digital Twin technology that brings GIS, CAD, BIM, Point Clouds and other 2D/3D data together. 

ARTi-Solutions® is a state of the art machine learning application evolving the way asset owners are managing their digital data and achieving further operational improvements.

For increased operational stability, compliance and quality measures ARTI Solutions can offer “on the fly” analytics with a focus on:

  • Early alert generation,

  • Prognosis of “off-spec” processes and patterns being identified,

  • Root Cause Analysis, clustering & relation mapping,

  • Fault diagnosis including predictive health monitoring.

Intelligent Project Solutions (IPS) provides innovative AI solutions to meet the customer’s engineering and digital transformation needs, focusing on oil, gas, chemical and other process industries. Their industry knowledge in engineering and project management matched with strong expertise in deep learning, visual recognition, and image processing provide cognitive AI solutions to overcome today’s industry challenges.


With the exponential increase in data volumes related to your asset, it is imperative that there is a compliant, usable and scalable document and drawing management system behind the scenes ensuring you can access the right data first time. DPS works with Synergis Software, a Leader in Enterprise Content Management and a High Performer in Product Data Management, to ensure that your data is with you when you need it most.