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Quantifiable Gap Analysis

To create a commonly shared focus to any capital expenditure for the transformation process DiGi-SAM,  our organisational maturity assessment methodology, will highlight current strengths and gaps in current organisational processes and lead to a Transformation Master Plan including dashboard to track, steer and direct the required transformation


This plan increases organizational effectiveness & operational excellence (OE) by a clear focus, support the implementation of new business models and the use of a circular economy.


  • Unlocks innovative power within the new transformed organization

  • Deals with both existing domain expertise requiring both OE and transformation to unlock new ways of working and offerings

  • Strengthens the image and the reputation of the organization in the eyes of stakeholders (increase organizational legitimacy)

Digisam workflow.JPG

Main reasons clients have chosen DiGi-SAM:


  • Implement a circular economy (CE) in their organisation

  • Sharing knowledge regarding (Digital) Transformation in Asset Management and developing Digital Strategies + Transformation Master Plans.

  • Drive innovation as part of the business strategy to transform the traditional way of working in Asset Management by deploying new technologies

  • Justify an acquisition with a technical due diligence


The key to success is to combine all of these standards into an uniform and consistent methodology:

  1. ISO 55001

  2. PSM - OSHA 1910.119

  3. BS 8001

  4. Digital Transformation

digisam 1.png
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