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Intelligent Modelling

DPS has full inhouse experience to provide a full suite of modelling solutions. This ties in neatly with our laser scanning and is usually offered in combination with that service. 

Once the 3D laser scan Point Clouds have been registered as one complete Cloud, representing the entire facility, 3D Modeling can then take place.

Initial creation of solid objects is executed using software that recognises common shapes of objects such as piping fittings and structural members.

Built in libraries of these various components are accessed by the software to assist in creating a base 3D Model. Depending on the software used, this phase can be referred to as either a “primitive” or “semi intelligent” model.

Semi Intelligent Models

 A “primitive” model will only hold dimensional information of components where accurate measurements can take place within the model, whereas, with a “semi-intelligent” model other information can be added such as Equipment Numbers and Line Numbers for piping systems.

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Intelligent Models

This type of model can be created with various design packages with DPS driven by client needs rather than software vendors. These packages are referred to as Specification Driven, meaning that it references a set of Material Specifications when the model is built up, allowing data to be built up in a database reflecting various properties of all the individual components.

In addition to recording all the properties of individual components within the database, such as Equipment Numbers, Line Numbers, Instrument Tag Numbers etc, various documents and reports can be generated, eg: Weight Take-Offs, Material Take-Offs, equipment Layouts, Piping General Arrangements, Fabrication Isometrics Structural Framing Plans etc

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