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Marine Retrofitting

DPS's marine retrofit group is a leader in  developing bespoke engineering solutions and model generation for all marine vessel types 

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Retrofitting a legacy unit requires special knowledge as well as adaptable planning in order to be able to marry technologies of different generations. DPS has significant experience is well versed as an integrator in developing customized engineering solutions in cooperation our clients.

Recent projects have focused on Ballast Water Treatment Systems, Exhaust gas cleaning systems and re-purposing of tankers for alternate use, all of which started with our 3D laser scanning capabilities.

If a vessel is to maintain or have approved an IOPP Certificate existing vessels are likely to need to install an approved ballast water treatment system (BWTS) at some point prior to September 2024, depending the date of IOPP certificate renewal. Whilst this requirement seems minimal, with new vessels complying with the ballast water regulations for the last two years without many issues. However, there is a significant difference between installing a BWTS during newbuild and retrofitting a system on an existing vessel. On an existing vessel, such a system would not have been considered at time of original build and no dedicated space would have been allocated.

To ensure a BWTS is reliable and performs to the required standard, it must be right for the vessel. A common message from experts in the industry is that there is no “one size fits all” or a “plug and play” solution. This is where a new accurate understanding of your existing vessel can be captured with DPS's 3D laser scanning and modelling solutions.

Photo-realistic 3D Point cloud showing internal structure of a vessel prior to retrofitting 

ship montage.JPG

3D model generated from the above point cloud, captured through on site laser scanning

To mitigate any issues when it comes to your BTWS and associated power upgrades, get it right first time by talking to our Marine Retrofit team. 

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