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The history and wisdom of your operating asset resides in the legacy data, the operations, maintenance, construction, inspection & engineering documentation generated over the life of the plant. Lacking a robust electronic data management system to maintain up-to-date critical information and operational data around assets during operations will incur significant waste on maintenance and operations budgets and resources to keep the assets running. Therefore, the key to achieving a digital twin is a comprehensive information management system that combines a centralised master data repository (MDR) with enterprise-wide information access and visualisation; one that allows users to have complete control of their asset information throughout the entire asset life and can be visualised with a 3D geospatial front end.

Engineering Data
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DPS in conjunction with Intelligent Project Solutions (IPS) provides innovative solutions to our clients that utilise the latest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Image Analysis to capture the value locked in the P&IDs, plans, reports and spreadsheets that have been captured over the years.


Through a process of digitalisation, validation, meta data capture and visualisation tools, DPS offers solutions to create a single source of truth accurately representing your asset, accessible by all levels of the company.​

Our solutions include:

  • Rapid document and drawing classification

  • Scanning and meta data capture of 1D 2D and 3D data sets

  • Data Architecture design

  • Creation of easily accessible data lake models

  • Data linking to a plant wide 3D model

  • Intelligent P&IDs

The validation process can remove document and drawing duplications, older revisions and non-essential data creating a single source of truth that represents your plant ready for linking with the 3D model

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