With the rise in the amount of data companies are having to deal with on a day to day or even minute by minute basis, implementing a robust data management solution is key to success. Data Lakes, Big Data, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, IOT, Structured and Unstructured data are all terms that are being bandied around and can be confusing.

What tends to be forgotten in the world of real time data is that the history and learning of your asset is tied up in the vast amounts of legacy data already captured from when your plant was at concept phase.

Engineering Data

Without an accurate historical data set to access, predictive analytics will be inaccurate and sub optimal. Machine learning algorithms, as the name suggests, require a training data set to gain experience in predictive capabilities and as such, the asset history information must be valid and ready for use.

DPS is providing solutions to our clients that utilise the latest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Image Analysis to capture the value locked in the P&IDs, plans, reports and spreadsheets that have been captured over the years.Through a process of digitalisation, validation, meta data capture and visualisation tools, DPS offers solutions to create a single source of truth accurately representing your asset, accessible by all levels of the company.​

Our solutions include:

  • Rapid document and drawing classification

  • Scanning and meta data capture of 1D 2D and 3D data sets

  • Data Architecture design

  • Creation of easily accessible data lake models

  • Data linking to a plant wide 3D model

  • Intelligent P&IDs

DPS provides solutions that utilise the latest AI, Machine Learning, NLP and Image Analysis

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