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Facilities Digitalisation 

By combining our deep technical expertise with industry leading partners, DPS is able to offer a bespoke digitalisation workflow from data to digital twin

With the advances in analytical processing and the volumes of data captured by industry today, many clients are seeking to optimise process and reduce operation costs by undertaking a digital business change. However, before capital is committed to these projects, it is important to know which digital solution is required or which one of the 3Ds are the answer for your business.

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The 3Ds - Which one is for you?

1.Digitisation - the process of changing from analog information to a digital form

2.Digitalisation - the process of employing digital technologies and information to transform business operations

3.Digital Transformation - the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how companies operate and deliver value to customers.

DPS has the experience to manage and deliver a cost-effective and practical digital answer to facilities optimisation by:

  1. Implementing a Quantifiable Gap Analysis to define your Corporate and Technical Goals

  2. Creating a Master Data Repository for the asset history trapped in your legacy data sheets, documents, P&IDs and technical drawings, through the use of cutting edge AI, machine learning and neural networks

  3. 3D Laser Scanning and Intelligent Modelling of your assets, linking data with visual detail

  4. Providing a server or cloud based 3D Visualisation Platform for the digital twin to create virtual replica of a physical object and its processes, populated with relevant data, and powered by analytic tools, that collectively help streamline business performance. 

  5. Deliver class leading Predictive Analytics to begin Early alert generation, Prognosis of off-spec processes and patterns being identified, Root Cause Analysis, clustering & relation mapping, and fault diagnosis including predictive health monitoring 

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