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DPS helps safely lift the JOHAN CASTBERG

The JOHAN CASTBERG production vessel is to set sail for Norway later this week as it was loaded last Thursday onboard the BOKA VANGUARD At 313 meters long and 55 meters wide, the production vessel is roughly the size of three football fields after loading the final preparations. DPS, through its partner Orange Delta, ran a dimension control survey on the cradles on the BOKA VANGUARD prior to the lift to ensure integrity and fit.

BOKA VANGUARD (formerly Dockwise Vanguard) is a semisubmersible heavy-lift ship owned and operated by Boskalis and is the largest vessel of her type ever built and is able to carry cargoes up to 110,000 tonnes. It was designed to move offshore oil and gas facilities but can also carry other ships and act as an offshore dry-dock facility.

Safe travels to Norway and another great job from the Orange Delta - DPS survey team!

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